Topband: full moon a factor ?

Fri, 18 Oct 2002 06:47:13 +0200

Hi Reflectees !
The statement was made on the reflector that a full moon does influence the 
propagation on topband eventually.I am not a physicist by profession but it 
seems to me that there are a few things up against it.
First,the amount of reflected radiation is pretty low to what the direct solar 
radiation is.
Second,the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that contributes most to 
ionization is the Gamma rays. they will not be reflected to any major amount 
from the moons surface and the few that are, will no longer be coherent but will 
be kind of scattered. The reason why Gamma rays are almost coherent here is 
their long journey across about 8 lightminutes that sorts out almost all 
others.But as i stated before, the majority of Gamma rays is going to be 
absorbed by the moons surface and being dissipated into heat by 
radiation-particle counteraction. Last but not least,the question of the 
reflection of particles like neutral Hydrogen atoms or charged Alpha-particles 
by the moons surface and their journey back into our magnetosphere is very much 
out of probability.
73 and a nice weekend to everyone               de wolf - df2py -