Topband: 160 Vertical

John K9UWA
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 17:33:36 -0500

> doubt I'd install an array of SCVs (full size vertical dipoles) pulled out
> in the middle, and fed with a 4 square box.  Why worry about loading a
> huge structure like that, with attendant worries of all the coax, rotor
> feeds, etc., when you can have a real gain antenna with back and side lobe
> suppression? 
> 73,
> John K4IQ

Ditto......I have one....mine is hanging on only 140 foot tower....mine has been
up for 18 years.....long before Tim knew about this design... 

Original design was W9LT who used to own this house I live in now.....
LaMar had one up on 80 meters here for at least 10 years before I put up
the one for 160 meters.....

I guess it 160 dxcc total is 286/286 from Indiana

I had to modify the Com Tec box as the delays needed for my spacing were
different than the usual -90 -180 .....mine is something in the area of -129 -260
degrees....the antennas are only 85% or full sized.....

John k9uwa

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