Topband: Ceramic Switch

Tom Rauch
Sat, 19 Oct 2002 22:28:04 -0400

> I understand a Company called Radio Switch Company makes large ceramic
> switches. Does anyone know if this is true and their

You are thinking of Radio Switch Corp, which is now part of Multi-
tech Industries. Tel: (800) 431-3223   Fax: (732) 409-6695   

Beware of one important thing. You actually should test the switch 
for your end application or find someone (outside the marketing 
people) who has. 

Most switch failures are voltage related, and the "catalog" or 
"factory voltage rating" of switches and relays do not necessarily 
correspond to anything like the actual end performance. This is 
especially true with switches from CRL and RSC, as well as almost 
every relay I have ever tested.

Physical size might be important to us, but will not indicate how 
well the switch will work.

 73, Tom W8JI