Topband: Full Moon " Evidence"

Tom Rauch
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 06:16:05 -0400

> Do you think that the "good conditions" could be caused by the full
> moon OR something in sync with the full moon?

Hi Don,

I doubt it has anything to do with the moon, since the exceptional 
propagation days from here are totally random with respect to the 
full moon.

As I said before, W1BB initially put forth the idea the full moon 
resulted in exceptionally POOR 160 propagation, much like trying to 
work DX on 160 during daylight hours. The stark contrast between 
Stew's "observation" and what the recent proposal that the full moon 
improves propagation is what one would expect to see when we 
attribute a result to a totally unrelated cause.

Let me give another example of this. If you turn on your car's wipers 
and the radio and look for a syncronization in the beat of music and 
the wipers, you might find one. Although there often appears to be a 
relationship it does not mean there is one.

That is why we need very long-term controlled well-thought-out or 
planned objective observations to verify any theory with things so 
random as propagation. I'm afraid one night or even several dozen 
nights random observations doesn't mean anything at all, no more than 
watching a wiper and listening to the beat of music.

73, Tom W8JI