Topband: Use of the RCS-4 for Remote Beverages?

Billy Cox
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 23:21:37 -0500

Thought I would toss this idea out ... 

After many years of being 'deaf' on Top Band, I am thinking of 
asking for temporary use of the field behind my property again. 

(The owners have changed since I used to have Beverages 
across it before ... that's now been several years ago <sigh>)

Part of my idea is to run coax out to the center of the field, and
then use an Ameritron RCS-4 remote switch as the center hub. 

I am also considering putting one 9:1 xmfr inside the RCS-4 and 
then just running the each Beverage wire into each of the four
antenna jacks ... thoughts on this ? (4 wires, 4 directions, etc. ...)

>From reading the schematic, the relays appear to float OPEN, 
except for one position, and on that one will go the NE antenna.

Trying to keep this KISS, as it has to be where I can install and 
remove it all on a quick basis for when they bring horses in ...

Thoughts, pro and con?


73 Billy AA4NU