Topband: Use of the RCS-4 for Remote Beverages?

Greg - ZL3IX
Thu, 24 Oct 2002 19:05:30 +1300

> > Part of my idea is to run coax out to the center of the field, and
> > then use an Ameritron RCS-4 remote switch as the center hub.
> The newer version of the RCS-4 should be better at switching receive-
> only signals. It now uses fully sealed relays which are more immune
> to contact contamination.
> The older open-frame relays were OK if you transmitted through them
> on occasion, but probably are not a good idea in receive only
> application. The new boxes have the connectors in a rectangular
> layout, rather than in a line.
Hi Tom et al,

A trick I learned from a relay manufacturer a few years back, is to put some
DC on the lines being switched.  Just a couple of mA from a few volts is
enough.  It seems that the micro arcs formed when the contacts open and
close are sufficient to keep the contacts low resistance.

73, Greg, ZL3IX