Topband: parallel wire verticals

Steve Ireland
Thu, 24 Oct 2002 08:11:33 +0800

WB1DOG said:
>   I've been considering building a BC Trapper (the
>wire version of the Battle Creek Special)  But I got
>to wondering if I could skip the traps and run three
>wires in parallel with a single feed instead ... The
>40m element would be completely vertical the 80 and
>160 elements would end up as inverted L's.
>    Any thoughts ? what kind of spacing would be best

VK6VZ replied:


I run parallel inverted vee dipoles for 160 and 40m, which work FB.  These
are spaced 6 inches apart, using spacers made from plastic reticulation
tubing and held in place at each end with UV-stabilised cable ties, which
are crossed over the wire. The spacing I think was provided by Gary KD9SV
(although it could gave been Gary K9AY).

Originally I used a 3-inch spacing, which resulted in a narrow 2:1 SWR
bandwidth on the 40m antenna.

I would space the 80m inverted-L about one foot below (apart from) the 160m
inverted-L, with the 40m antenna about 6 inches apart from the 80m
inverted-L.  I think this should work OK, on the basis of experimentation

Vy 73,

Steve, VK6VZ