Topband: Follow-Up - RCS-4 & Beverages Project.

Billy Cox
Thu, 24 Oct 2002 18:34:12 -0500

Thanks for all the great public and private input on this idea!

The RCS-4 here is an older unit, with the open frame relays,
and while there is space inside the unit, the common wisdom 
seems to be to go with separate 9:1 xmfrs per input ...

Separating the grounds is interesting, something I've not done
before, perhaps that's a hidden fault or flaw I did not realize in the
older systems I used here before, as they all shared a common
grounding point ... very interesting.

I do have in my "junkbox" an older DXE 5 position remote
switch, it has sealed relays ... that may be a better route to
go, I would have to bundle a control line with the coax ... and
try to key is as KISS as possible. Light duty cabling should 
work well for this, and tape it to the coax every so many feet ...    

Some follow-up questions:

Home brew the 9:1 transformers ... Part numbers for the core
and suggested schematic?

Commercial transformers ... Brand/part numbers?

Again TU ... perhaps these posts will encourage others with
their low band receive antenna systems also!

73 Billy AA4NU