Topband: Source of terminator resistors for EWE's?

Jon Zaimes AA1K
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 11:55:00 -0500

Hi Eric,

I use carbon composition resistors on all my Beverages. I just solder them
to the wire, clamp the other end to the ground rod with a hose clamp and
let it hang in the open air. An advantage of this is I can inspect it
without having to open any box -- occassionally lightning does take one
out. Most of them survive for years though.

I use 2-watt values or a combination of parallel resistors for even higher
wattage ratings, especially if it is in close proximity to a transmit antenna.

Most of these I have found at hamfests, others at Meshna last year in
Dayton. Check also other surplus houses like Hosfelt Electronics or

73/Jon AA1K