Topband: CQWW

Miroslav BEBJAK om5rw at
Tue Dec 2 12:24:06 EST 2003


condx during CQ WW CW were not as good as I expected. I could hear just a 
few stations from NA, mostly big guns with very weak signals: KC1XX, KT1V, 
VY2ZM, VE2IM and a few others.
Carribean were not as loud as they used to be here on our site and it took 
me long hours to catch them: KV3FZ, KP3Z, 8P5A, 6Y6X, PY0FF . Some of them I 
could not: PJ2T, TG0AA, V47KP, VP5X, TI5N...
HC8N was tough one along with PT5A. Finally they could copy me during our 
sun rise on sunday, when I spent almost two long nights calling them. I 
think QRN on their side was the problem.
Missed a few double mults on sunday evening: ZS4TX, ZS6UT, 9J2KC, ZD8Z, 
TO4WW - all of them were strong, but they were on S/P mode, exept 9J  :o(
Anyway I enjoyed the contest and I am pleased with our result.
See you all in CQ WW 160m CW Contest.

Miro OM5RW - 160m op at OM7M M/S team

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