Topband: 2003 Stew Perry

f8bpn f8bpn at
Sun Dec 28 12:46:11 EST 2003

Hi all,

Here are my results for the 2003 Stew Perry Topband Challenge

Call: F8BPN
Class: Single Op LP 100 watts & Inverted L
Operating Time (hrs): 14
Total:  QSOs = 252  Total Score = 1,375

252 QSO, 145 LOCS, 39 DXCC (37 US and 6 VE), DX : K9DX (6858 km).
Total km: 496745 km (1971 km/QSO)
It was my third Stew Perry, enjoyed to work this contest. 
Conditions were not too bad, even I did hear better in the past.
See you next year!

73/88 Happy New Year from F8BPN Mau
f8bpn at

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