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Henrik Weiss ozling at
Wed Dec 31 12:29:15 EST 2003

Hi Gary and reflectees,
I dont mind commenting on the condx from Northern Denmark. It was a bit
selective as I heard / worked a string of w8 and w9´s. Best signal was
from N0FW - Pete in Ohio. He was peaking S8 on a very quiet band, the
S/N ratio was unbelievable here.

Happy new year to all.


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I'm surprised that nobody made a posting about the conditions on 160
last evening/night.  It was a pleasant surprise to hear very good
signals from Europe and Scandanavia as well as a few from SA.

Would anyone who has keyed a IC746pro from CT, Writelog or NA be kind
enough to share the info on how it was done (via mic connector or ACC
socket or
how?) de gary, kd9sv

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