Topband: dx window

Donald Chester k4kyv at
Wed Dec 31 17:43:09 EST 2003

John K9DX wrote:

>Most of this discussion revolves around contests ... As for daily operating 
>... I agree
>there is little use for the window... the band is unfortunately not crowded
>except in contests.

I agree.  If everyone is expected to respect a 1810-1825 DX window for the 
JA's, and 1825-1840 for other DX, that leaves only 1800-1810 for domestic 
CW.  But, I seem to recall, 1810 is supposed to be reserved as a QRP calling 
frequency, and 1800-1810 for "digital" modes.  There are plenty of wide open 
spaces above 1900, but lots o' luck getting any response to a CQ on CW in 
that portion of the band.


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