Topband: CQ160 Rule Changes in 2003 - Multi-Op Time Limit - Summary and Recommendation

John Crovelli
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 13:28:45 -0500

Greetings and Happy New Year to all Top Band enthusiasts.

Last September, when the new CQ 160 contest rules were announced for 2003, 
this topic was discussed on the Top Band reflector.  The responses are 
summarized below.

The overwhelming majority of multi-ops felt daytime operation was a burden 
and "not fun" aspect of the event.  Most have been operating during daylight 
hours only because to not operate would conceed a competitive advantage to 
other serious entrants.

Virtually all respondents seemed to agree that putting a limit on multi-op 
entrant operating time was a reasonable idea, especially in light of the 
time limit now imposed upon single op entrants (30 hours).  It is 
anticipated there will be even fewer stations for multi-op stations to 
contact during daylight hours under the new single op rules.

Several respondents felt the multi-op limit should be 30 hours, some 32 and 
still others 36 hours.

Since the contest rules were already published and could not be changed for 
the 2003 event, I propose that multi-op entrants worldwide subscribe to a 
VOLUNTARY limit of 36 hours or less of operating time during the 2003 
contest period.

The W2GD Team has decided to operate during the following time periods over 
the CQ 160 CW weekend:

00:00 - 14:00  14 hours
20:00 - 14:00  18 hours
20:00 - 23:59   4 hours
Total          36 hours

At our North American location in NJ this schedule includes about 3 hours of 
after sunrise and and 3 hours of before sunset operation.  We want to see 
how productive these daylight hours of operation will be before making a 
recommendation to the CQ 160 Contest Committee regarding a rules change in 
2004 that would set a limit.

As always your comments on this proposal are most welcomed.  Our Team (K2TW, 
KU2C, KB2JAQ, N2OO, W1GD, W2CG, W2GD, W2NO, and W2RQ) hopes other Multi-0p 
entrants will agree and voluntarily limit their hours of operation this 

Best of luck ot everyone.

73, John W2GD

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