Topband: A/B testing K6se etc.

Lee K7tjr k7tjr at
Tue Jul 1 10:31:49 EDT 2003

>Omni VI showed up as noise limited in the BDR test.

>Do you find it not to be a problem, or have you not used the rig
extensively in the
situation where it might be a problem?

Floyd: thanks for the note, I must say that I really have never noticed the
potential problem of the noise floor increasing under strong nearby signals.
I have operated four CW contests within the last two years and certainly
have encountered some strong signals. I  have noticed however  the nearby
key click problems and transmitted noise problems from close stations. I
also use low gain receiving antennas and so this would generally reduce
signal levels into my receiver. I would really also be interested in
studying  the report from ARRL to see exactly what levels those tests were
Regards Lee  K7TJR

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