Topband: Using RG-6 for 160m transmission purposes

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Wed Jul 2 09:59:57 EDT 2003

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> 1. Its (typical) velocity factor (have you every tried asking a TV cable
> supplier what the velocity factor of a particular TV cable is?...)

The celluar polyethylene dielectric stuff is normally 78%.  If you have the type similar to Belden 8215 (double shielded polyethylene dielectric) the VF is 66%.  This is according to the Belden Catalog.

> 2. What sort of power it can typically handle (the cable 
> may have to handle
> something of a mismatch).

Since it is roughly the same size as RG-8/RG-213, it should have about the same power handling capabilities as RG-8.  In the broadcast industry for a temporary test transmitter set-up to make field strength measurements, we have put 3KW into RG-8 WITH A GOOD MATCH.  The stuff gets a bit warm but will handle the power, again I stress with a good match.  If there is a mismatch the maximum handling power is derated accordingly.  But I see no reason that you can't use it for your application at the full legal limit if you have a reasonably good match.
   Hope this helps. Goose, W8AV

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