Topband: VK6 cndx

Michael Bazley bazley at
Sat Jul 5 08:10:28 EDT 2003

Hi All,
For the past 10 days we have had very high QRN with occasional
thunderstorms..the WX man says these cndx will continue for at least the
next seven days!!!
Last night between 1145z and  1215z VE7BS, W7AWA,W7UT and W9UCW  were heard
breaking through the S9+ QRN...only W7AWA worked. This morning from 2200z to
2308z ( my sunrise) ON4UN and RA1ACJ heard..RA1ACJ worked. No sign of the
A25 on 160  though A25NN was working Europeans on 3506.
73 es dx de Mike VK6HD

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