Topband: Accepted Distance between Vert Ant & Yagi.

Jaime P.Ullívarri ea6nb at
Sun Jul 13 08:18:20 EDT 2003

Javier if you have some space around your tower and it is in the clear, I
will lay same radials and shunt fed the tower with the TH6 as top loading,
it will work the same as your vertical. If not. I presume you will have to
detune the tower ( I think for this setup will resonate at or near 80 m
band) with also a shunt fed plus capacitor, tune for maximum current on
shunt wire.
73, Jaime EA6NB.

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>Subject: Topband: Accepted Distance between Vert Ant & Yagi.
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>I would like to know wich could be the acceptable distance that
>must be observed between a tower 36 feet high with a TH6DXX on top
>and a full quarter wave vertical antenna for 80 mts.
>The reason is because I have actually a butternut HF-2V on my
>rooftop, because my roof it`s almost flat, I change for a quarter
>wave vertical for 80 Mts. but no further than 4 hours after
>installed, the neighborhood started to call me showing it`s
>disspoint about my new antenna.
>So, if I want to preserve my local friends, I`m thinking to move
>the antenna to the place were my tower is, the problem is that
>there is not so much space over there so if I make the move I have
>not  so many free space, but before move I would like to avoid
>some kind of resonance problems due mettalic obejct near the vertical.
>If I didn`t find a decent soulution I think that the new antenna
>will cost me several barbecues hi!!!
>Ideas welcome,
>73 de yv5mbx
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