Topband: ft1000 mp vs omni 6+

James Wilson n7jw at
Tue Jul 15 03:38:52 EDT 2003

Just a few comments regarding mp vs the omni 6+.  I own 2 ft1000 mp's
All the mods, and 5 omni 6+'s.  K7CA and I use omni's for our remote
and our home stations,the remote omni's are cloned by the omnis at the
stations.  The ft1000 mp has a good receiver, but not as good as the
omni 6+.
During the 160 cw contests we hear phantom cw signals on the ft1000 mp,
While the omni 6+ is clean.  The difference is the omni can hear the
weak EU
Stations while the ft1000mp is garbled by phantom spurious signal that
To be cw but make no sense. On a empty band with no QRM there is no 
Difference between the ft1000mp and the omni on weak signals, when using
a  efficient  antenna with good gain.  The omni does fall down when
using a
beverage, a preamp is needed. Also on all 5 of my omni's the noise
works great on cw, really peaks up the signal, much better than mp NR.
It appears to me that the omni 6+ that Earl used may have a problem.
K7CA and I have used both rx's over the past 5 years during contests and
Our conclusion is that the omni 6+ is the best 160 rx.( haven't tried
the orion)
Jim Wilson  N7JW

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