Topband: tree mounted pennant

Steve Flood flood at
Thu Jul 17 18:18:41 EDT 2003

I'm considering a PENNANT (one or more) to improve the
lowband RX capabilities here. A short BEV and a EWE
were mediocre at best. To keep it as far as possible
from the TX vertical and the tower, I would need to
mount it on/in trees. This might end up with the
PENNENT shape somewhat distorted due to the
availability of good tie-off points. They are usually
never where you want them! I've modeled the PENNENT
and distorted the shape a little with no real change
in pattern. Living in the real world however, I'm
wondering if anyone has done a similar tree mounting
of a PENNENT or FLAG and ended up with favorable
results. Any info appreciated!

Stew K3ND

>>Stew, I had a 4-pennant setup two winters ago.  While I didn't use my pine trees to hang them, I did have them arranged in very tight quarters around the trees and limbs.  My only test was to check nulls on daytime BC sigs and nighttime toppand sigs, and I noticed at least no degradation of the null (25 to 30dB F/B in most cases). My assumption was that the proximity of trees had no serious effect.  I set my pennants up on 20' poles so I could keep them taught and symmetrical and not worry about flinging ropes over my tangle of pine limbs.

Steve, KK7UV

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