Topband: Pacific 160 Metre Contest 2003

Ron Tremayne VK3IO vk3io at
Sat Jul 19 17:11:12 EDT 2003

I suspect there are some gremlins at work with the info recently posted, as the times shown were in error and Ian's  email address seem's to be odd and the Rework rule is not shown in the local published rules.

Greg ZL3IX has clarrified the times, which are 0700 to 2300z July 19, but the local printed rules, revised or otherwise say nothing about reworking a station every hour, so i suspect this is either something very new, or it is just not true, either way it will cause considerable confusion, especially for any Topband at contesting readers.

The local info gives Ian''s  email address for log entries as vk3vp at 

We have been hearing some good european signals even at this time of year (in the IARU World Champianship contest) but they can't hear us probably due to their summer noise. Maybe thw VK6's will be better situated for europe.

Conditions to Japan has at times been great, once again depending on their summer noise.

I have tried to get Victor ZK1CG fired up for this event and maybe he will manage to get his 160 metre dipole errected in time.

Conditions to USA west coast have also been great and I expect a few SSB easy qso's.

The local conditions are very good with no storms, so the static crash level should be low (not sure about ZL land though), so I expect plenty of VK activity, unfortunately I have not heard any pacific activity of recent times, so we will see what, if any, the contest conjures up.

Bye for now, C  U in the contest SSB, Ron VK3IO  


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