Topband: ZD9IR in Hospital

Bernie van der Walt bernie at
Thu Jul 24 11:10:35 EDT 2003

Hi Bill

Hope all is well on your end.

Chris de Beer ZS6RI, ZS8IR, ZD9IR, 5H9IR is in hospital
recovering from spinal surgery after an airplane accident a
few months ago.  A few bone splints were removed from his
upper vertebra and some were fused together.

He is recovering well but is still enduring a lot of pain.

He has a lot of friends on the topband reflector but I am
not sure if I can post it there.  Will you please post it on
my behalf if it is OK?

He is unable to read email where he is but he can receive
messages on his mobile phone via email.  Send an email
shorter than 150 characters (no subject required) to
0824612593 at if you want to send him a get well
soon message.  Remember to add your callsign to the end of
the message.

I am sure he will appreciate a message or two to read
inbetween his demands on the pretty nurses!

Chris is currently employed in Tanzania and he should be
back on the air as 5H9IR as soon as he is mobile again.


Bernie, ZS4TX

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