Topband: 160 meter dipole polarity

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Thu Jul 24 23:05:36 EDT 2003

On Thu, Jul 24, 2003 at 06:37:42PM -0400, Jason Buchanan wrote:

> I am going to hang a 160 meter dipole w/1:1 balun tomorrow and am 
> wondering if there is a recommended method for how to hang it 
> "polarity-wise".  One half of the dipole is going to extend over some of 
> my house, the other half will totally be over the yard.  Should I put 
> the half that is tied to the center conductor over the yard or the 
> house?  It seems like it would be best to have the leg that is 
> electrically connected to the center conductor of the balun over the 
> yard and not the house.
> Also, for those of you who use a 160 meter inverted vee, do you have any 
> recommended lengths I should start with?  For tuning to 1.850 i'm 
> figuring on cutting the wire around 132 feet for each leg.  Working with 
> an antenna this long will take a lot of extra time fidgeting with the 
> right length - just wondering if any of you have experienced this same 
> predicament and have suggestions.

You have equal currents in the dipole on each side, and it makes 
no difference.

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