Topband: Query

Jossy jossy at
Thu Jul 31 06:56:50 EDT 2003

Dr. Gentleman:

I have been following this reflector for some time, as some friend of mine
are trying to get me on 160M.
I live on a rocky soil with groundwater more to 200ft down. Not much room
for radials.
I have a 60ft Rhon mast with a PRO67B on top of it...My ground conductivity
is very poor.
It does not rain often in this area.
Does anyone has any experience with SPI-RO antenna shorteners, it is the
closest solution I can come up with on short notice, I do have them. My 160
experience is very limited.
God Bless   PEACE!
José [Jossy] M. Cyntje PJ2MI
jossy at

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