Topband: EchoLink

Fred Jensen k6dgw at
Thu Jul 31 17:30:43 EDT 2003

Hmmm.... why simulate when we can all work both 80 and 160 using real
RF?  The Internet has dramatically changed the way we as amateurs can
exchange information about our hobby ... with essentially positive
results ... but I still like listening to my receiver and slowly picking
the signal out of the noise.


Fred K6DGW

Richard Karlquist wrote:
> > I can imagine its use for Topband operators, in particular, to
> > communicate world wide to stimulate
> > 160 meter operations and mention it only for that reason.
> Rather than that, what I would like to see is more activity
> on 80 CW.  If conditions on 80 are excellent, then you could
> try to QSY to 160.  If 160 is not open, at least you have
> some 80 meter QSO's.
> Rick N6RK
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