Topband: A/B Testing Limits - Good Stuff!

Guy Olinger, K2AV olinger at
Wed Jun 25 16:43:30 EDT 2003

I completely agree. 

And you can bet every one of K6SE's posts has been read by Ten-Tec and has them on the midnight oil. Further, even if TT was tempted to fudge things and try to get away with something (tho I think not), with the free internet and quick dissemination of information, they would be quickly skewered.

Already hear talk of mods and revisions, and better instructions.

This is fun to watch. Carry on, Earl...

73, Guy.
> From: Steve Lawrence <smlx at>
> Date: 2003/06/25 Wed PM 01:13:23 EDT
> To: Top Band List <topband at>
> Subject: Topband: A/B Testing Limits - Good Stuff!
> As DXers and consumers of commercial radios, I believe that our demands 
> have driven the state of the art for years, especially in receiver 
> design. As in all commercial products, performance is always expected 
> to be the same (within reasonable tolerances) from one unit to the 
> next, right out of the box. (EG - VCR / DVD tracking; amateur 
> antennas.) Otherwise, the market place will deal a swift blow to the 
> product if not the company. So while some might question the validity 
> of tests on a single unit, if that one unit doesn't represent what you 
> might reasonably expect to get right out of the box, then what 
> credibility does the manufacturer's product claims have? We all love to 
> tweak, but the baseline, out of the box unit should always be 
> predictable.
> That consistently good comments come from a variety of users about the 
> K2, TS-830, FT1000D, MP etc. and not so flattering remarks appear about 
> others, speaks volumes. At least to me.

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