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>After reading a description of the 'Time Machine' it occurred to me that an
>ordinary video recorder (VCR) might be useful for creating repeatable test
>signals for 'real world' evaluation of 160M and possibly 80M receivers.  The
>dynamic range of present day recorders isn't great enough to be useful for
>intermod testing, but the VCR's output could be combined with high level
>signals from crystal controlled oscillators to create a realistic composite
>test signal.
>73  Al, W6DZ
 This possibility was addressed a few years back by Craig Healy of the
National Radio Club, a medium wave DXing club.  A reprint (R41) of his
article THE DX TIME-MACHINE. is described on the NRC's website
( thusly: "Use your VHS VCR to record all or part of
the AM Band for later listening! It may have started as an April Fool's
joke, but with the modifications described, it really does work!!" 

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