Topband: Preliminary report on new AEA VIA Bravo analyzer

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Mon Jun 30 13:26:25 EDT 2003


I wonder if the AEA VIA uses selective detectors (receivers), instead of
broadband detectors.

Selective detectors would allow easy phase measurement, and greatly reduce

Right now the small cheap analyzers "guess" the sign of reactance by
shifting frequency and watching reactance change, which will work with
simple passive components but will only have a random chance of "guessing"
the correct sign of reactance with an antenna.

If they didn't use selective detectors, how did they reduce BCI?? They all
can be good at modest impedances. What is the reactance and impedance range?
All of this would be of great use to 160 people, because the analyzer would
be many times more reliable and useful with large antennas (even if at
higher cost) if it just used selective detectors.

73 Tom

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