Topband: Headphone summary

Ronald Gorski R.Gorski at
Tue Mar 4 11:15:26 EST 2003

Thanks to all that responded to my query concerning headphone testimonials 
for weak signal detection in a noisy environment. Here is a summary of 14 
4			Bose		QC-1			Noise cancelling. Some issues with RFI. $300
3			Heil		Pro-Set
2			Sony		MDR 600 (700, 900)	Many reviews on EHAM. $100-180

1 each of Sennheiser HD 545, Sennheiser HDC 451 noise cancelling phones, 
Koss TD/85, Military surplus and OSHA  ear protectors fitted with stereo 
phone elements.

After reading many reviews on the web, I am leaning toward the high end 
Sony phones because of ruggedness, comfort, ability to reject outside noise 
and power handling (can't stand rattles) ability.  73 Ron N9AU	

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