Topband: Apparent ground

Ford Peterson ford at
Wed Mar 5 00:52:10 EST 2003

I have a question about the "quality" of the ground around my station.  I
have also been pondering an interesting experiment but am only interested in
attempting it if the results would provide meaningful results.

I believe I have very good ground--rich black loam to about 3-5 ft deep,
floating on very clay-like material, resting on crushed gravel and a water
"table" about 30-40 ft deep.

If I had a 1 foot diameter hole, down to the water table, and dropped a
broadcast band receiver down that hole, how deep would I have to drop that
receiver before I could no longer hear a local 50KW AM broadcast station at
1600KHz?  Would this observation provide any indication as to the "depth" or
"quality" of that particular ground structure on 160M?

No, I have no intention of digging such a hole.  ($3000 for the first 30'
and $10 a foot thereafter)  But I know a local well contractor that may
allow me to drop a receiver down a shaft these guys dig in ground, similar
to mine, on a weekly basis.  My question is, what would it tell me about the
nature of ground nearby?  My thinking is, the results could provide an
indication of the "apparent depth of ground" in similar soil structures.

Has anybody pondered or conducted such an experiment?

ford at

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