Topband: Building Beverages at Signal Point, Curacao (PJ2T)

Jeff Maass jmaass at
Sun Mar 9 16:11:46 EST 2003

Over the past several months, Geoff W0CG and assorted members
of the Caribbean Contesting Consortium (CCC) and some of the 
visitors to the Signal Point station on Curacao (contest call: PJ2T)
have been working to improve it's performance on the lowbands. 

The previous USA/JA Beverage feedpoint was moved 150 feet 
further from the house to reduce noise (thanks W8UVZ, KD9SV, 
K8GG!), new Davis bury-Flex RG-213 type direct-burial feedline 
installed and buried to it, and a European  Beverage was installed by 
W0CG from 21-25 February.

These tasks are not as easy as they may seem, as the thick, thorny 
desert vegetation and tropical sun makes installation painful and slow!
The feedpoint for the European Beverage is approximately 50-feet
up a cliff behind the station, and the Beverage rises approximately
600 feet up to the crest of a ridge, and then 400 feet down beyond it!

Reports from those who have used the European Beverage are very
good, and Geoff may be burying a new, permanent feedline to it on 
his trip this week.

As with most of the improvements at this station, photographic records
are being taken and kept on the web. Geoff has put two pages of the 
latest Beverage-related photos on the web at:

Some additional aerial views of the QTH, which show the terrain we
have to deal with are at:

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