Topband: Ducie

Steve Miller millersg at
Fri Mar 14 05:43:35 EST 2003

Ode to VP6DIA

Ducie 1 was a pretty good 'op'
with QSOs on all bands but top
with news of D2
I knew what to do
namely listen on topband nonstop

March 9 was glorious day
to hear V-P-6-D-I-A
but there was no show
on frequencies low
during the start of their stay

And so went days 2, 3 & 4
this could not go on too much more
would they QRV
on topband for me?
the chances were looking quite poor

Finally on their last night
they said '160 tonight'
the sun went down
with storms all roun'
and the noise packing plenty of might

0550z on 1-8-2-6
I was hoping to get in the mix
the Ducie op beckoned
as did lightning (4-per-second)
the static unleashed its worst licks

Of course I sat and cursed
at burst after burst after burst
could not hear a letter
would morning be better?
QRN was surely the worst

Later some east coast got through
Hopefully I'd get lucky too
but before my sun rose
the VP6 goes
to the 75 meter zoo

The log is still empty you see
but you certainly can't blame me
QRN was too strong
or they waited too long
Now when will there be Ducie 3?

Steve  N8SM 

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