Topband: Fish Net Beacons

Ken Brown ken.d.brown at
Mon Mar 24 20:14:15 EST 2003

Hi all,

Out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean we hear a lot of beacon 
transmitters on 160 meters. I used to hear them in California too, 
though not as much. These things have three or four character callsigns 
which repeat a couple of times and then they send a really long 
dahhhhhhh. I have heard (somewhere, I cannot remember where) that they 
are beacons attached to drift nets, used to find the net by DFing. I 
wonder if anyone out there has any good information about these things? 
Are they legal? Who else hears them? Do people in Europe or on the East 
Coast of North America hear them? Are they in the Atlantic too? Has 
anyone actually seen one of these devices? How much power do they put 
out? What is their power source? What kind of antenna do they use?


Ken N6KB

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