Topband: Wireless router EMC/RFI on 1,8 and up to 30MHz?

Kristinn Andersen kiddi at
Thu Oct 2 13:32:22 EDT 2003

A question on a similar subject was just posted to the list.

I am considering getting a wireless router to connect my home computers to
the ADSL internet connection.  Are there any comments from other hams on
RFI from these devices interfering with HF reception, or on their
robustness against RF field generated by nearby transmitters?

Any comments or suggestions regarding brand names - any manufacturers with
reputation for better/worse EMC than others?  In my case the local ISPs are
at the moment promoting wireless routers from Thomson-Alcatel and from

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.  73 de Kristinn, TF3KX

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