Topband: FST3125 Mixer

Steve Ireland sire at
Sun Oct 5 09:59:46 EDT 2003


>using an FST135 (or similar) high dynamic range mixer

That's what happens with a journalist writing technical stuff - you end up
getting typographical errors in stuff typed at 100 wpm (apologies
especially to Bill W4ZV and Mr Google).

The mixer device I was referring to is actually an FST3125 and is used in
so-called H-mode mixer, which is apparently endorsed in the ARRL's
'Experimental Methods in RF Design' as the (generally available) 'state of
the art' mixer', being capable of superb large-signal performance, but
(using the FST3125) with no need for preamplification of RF signals before it.

At this point, I had better make the point that I am no technical hot-shot,
but as a topbander, simply an avid reader of stuff about really good mixers
like the FST3125 (which is used in the SDR-1000 software-based transceiver)
and an avid listener to my RF engineer friend.

For those who would like to know more about the FST3125, have a look at the
'Technical Topics' column of the RSGB's Radcom  September 2003 magazine,
which sets discussions about H-mode mixers in the context of receiver
design over the last fourty years.

Back to the 807s...

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ


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