Topband: New Antenna Switching box for Transceivers

John K9UWA k9uwa at
Mon Oct 6 12:24:59 EDT 2003

Sometime back I asked Gary KD9SV if there was anyway he could make 
his Pre-Amp/Rcv.Ant.Switchbox/Front End saver do all box for DX-Peditions that
would work on radios that only have one single SO-239 antenna In/Out on them...
I have an Icom IC-706mk2 .. Sure would be nice if I could run beverage antennas
to it and an Amp with it like I do my home station. 

I now have my new "Gary Box" for my Icom IC-706 alias the KD9SV
DX-Pedition Model II .... It does all of the above with full QSK
keying as well as PTT or VOX modes ....

So now this little box and my Icom 706 , along with the Ameritron Amp can
go to Florida with me this winter... now what we need is some new countries on
160 meters to work....

If anyone has any questions about the box contact 
"Gary Nichols"  <kd9sv at>

John k9uwa
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