Topband: ICE 135B Preamp Image Issue

W2pm at W2pm at
Fri Oct 17 23:47:38 EDT 2003

I am getting significantly strong images on 160 with this preamp - 2nd season 
with new rx antennas and lines, no remote switching relays like I had last 
year which I suspected had rectifying contact points - same image problem as 
last year. I have the lines to 2 antennas properly choked and grounded.

Seems to be hearing RTTY stations and I'm not sure what band the orig signals 
are on. The target frequencies seems to vary. Tonite dead on 1840 on top of 
D44TT - the RTTY signal was S9 and he was S8. Most other times RTTY signals are 
seldom over S3 but depends on band condx.

I have not seen any other reports about this to date but wondering if anyone 
else has this problem?

73 Pete, W2PM

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