Topband: 1952.3 Radiolacation Beacon QSY's

Donald Chester k4kyv at
Fri Oct 31 01:12:05 EST 2003

I wonder if anyone has noticed that the radiolocation beacon that has 
occupied 1952.3 kHz for years went silent about a week ago.  I was hoping 
this one remaining beacon on the 1900-2000 kHz band had finally gone dark, 
given that GPS has pretty much rendered 160m radiolocation obsolete.  About 
15 years ago there were numerous beacons operating in the top end of the 
band, and they have gradually disappeared one by one.

Last night and tonight I have heard a new one on 1947.8 kHz.  It was weak 
last night but very stong tonight.  A new one, or the 1952.3 one one has 


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