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Larry Molitor w7iuv at
Fri Aug 20 10:41:08 EDT 2004

This discussion has been interesting and informative especially because I've been considering the construction of a two wire Beverage system later this year when I can get into the pasture again.
I have to wonder if the two wire Beverage is worth the effort. It seems a lot more people have them than I first thought but they don't seem to brag about them much. Is this because of lackluster performance caused by the stringent requirments for transformers and grounds? Are these antennas just to complicated to be useful?
Assuming a person overcomes the transformer issues, what about grounds? Tom suggests that grounds are critical and require rods and radials in most cses. Consider my situation where I cannot drive a ground rod in more than two feet before I hit rock. Radials longer than 20 to 30 feet are out of the question and anything I put in must be removed in the Spring. Two rods have been sufficient for single wire Beverages but probably not good enough for the two wire version. I don't know of any other way to provide a termination.
What about frozen earth in the winter? What happens to the termination impedance and the two wire performance then?

Anyone have any experience overcoming these problems in a pratical manner?
Larry - W7IUV

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