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Sat Aug 21 22:51:15 EDT 2004

We'd have to define "doesn't work well". The pattern will be basically the
same, but the signal level will be down a bit due to the higher conductivity
under the antenna.

My favorite Beverage antenna sites are all on the coast and the antennas go
all the way to the beach. I know that's not an island, but I've never had
any complaints about signal level. In fact, those sites have produced the
best MW DX imaginable.


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> > In another post RE salt water and Beverages,  another OP said
> > (in effect) that he was told a Beverage doesn't work well on an island
> > surrounded by salt water.  Folklore?  Does anyone have any facts to
> > back that up?
> >
> > 73,
> > Charlie
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> Charlie,
> My personal experience at XZ0A was that the Bevs worked extremely well on
> the island.  However, I did try one at a secluded, isolated spot along the
> shore where in some places at high tide the salt water was under the
> element.  That one did NOT work.
> For photos of the DXped including the working Bevs in the jungle foilage,
> to and select XZ0A Slide Show.  The RX antenna photos
> begin at # 115 and include the famous heliport "LOW" dipole which
> so fabulously on the SE arriving skew angle signals at sunset.
> Milt, N5IA
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