Topband: 2 wire beverage

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Wed Aug 25 10:42:40 EDT 2004

> The spacing of 15 feet should not be much of a problem.
Although I have not
> modeled this termination of each wire will establish the
pattern.  The
> mutual coupling of the wires may cause some pattern
distortion but for a low
> noise 160 meter RX antenna it might be negligible.  You
could always check
> this with signal levels from the favored and un-favored
direction and also
> noise floor levels as you test the antennas. I don't
believe that grounding
> the unused antenna would be the way to go.

Minimum coupling should be where the unused wire is
terminated in both directions.

The amount of coupling is largely determined by the ratio of
coupling between wires and between each wire and the lossy
media around the wire that "swamps out" effects of mutual

This is another reason to keep the wires low and the ground
below the length poor.

73 Tom

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