Topband: loops sharing a small power pole

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Tue Jun 15 00:04:36 EDT 2004


Things located "inside" the loop will couple efficiently and it won't take
much noise to create a problem.  On the other hand, if the electrical wiring
is quiet, it may work acceptably.  If it's easy to put up the loop, go ahead
and give it a try -- but have an alternate location in mind.

73, Gary

> re: installation of K9AY loops
> I have a short pole nearby that I'm considering using as a support
> for a pair of K9AY loops.  It is about 20' and it would be easy to
> put pipe or PVC of some sort to get it up to the required 25+'.
> However, my hesitancy is this:  it is my outside 'power distribution'
> box -- it has a waterproof circuit breaker box with breakers
> (Square D QO-series), that gets power to the barn &
> chicken house, has an outlet, and a switchable light at the top.
> The metal box and wiring is all at the 5' height or lower, except
> the 3 wires going up to the light at the top.  (And the light isn't
> installed yet, so I can pick a type that is quiet.)  The pole is quite
> a distance from my xmit antennas.
> Should I care?  Or better, will the K9AY loops care?
> Comments appreciated.
> --
> Dave NØRQ

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