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Michael Tope W4EF at
Tue Jun 22 02:28:49 EDT 2004

I recently got a QSL card from 3C0V for a 10 meter contact
I never made. When I sent in for my QSL card the manager
printed all the W4EF contacts in his log on the QSO label.
I didn't even have the radio on when he thought he worked
W4EF on 10 meter CW :):)  I could have claimed this QSO
for DXCC and nobody (except me) would have been the
wiser for it.

Another thing I wonder about is how often people really check
their logs when answering QSLs. I had some QSLs with my
old callsign AD4VH that I was using to confirm some W4EF
topband qsos that I made from Florida (the old cards had my
Florida QTH information). I would put an little "ex" next to
"AD4VH" and then rubber stamp "now W4EF" at the bottom
of these cards when I was using them for W4EF qsos. A number
of cards that I sent like this came back made out to AD4VH
even though I had worked the station with the call W4EF. While
its possible that the QSL managers actually looked up and
found W4EF in the log and then transcribed it wrong because
the card still had "AD4VH" in big letters across the top (probably
easy to do when you are in a big hurry), it does make me wonder
if these guys were even checking their logs, or whether they
were just writing down the same information that appeared on
my card without actually verifying the QSO. I have seen people
do this at contest stations where the computer logs get so
scattered that nobody could find them if their life depended on

73 de Mike, W4EF..........................................

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> A DX station recently told me that he received a QSL
> card from a station "confirming" a QSO at a date
> and time when the DX station actually worked me.
> For some funny reason, I actually remembered this
> other station's call from the pileup.  I'm sure it
> was an honest mistake on his part.  The DX station
> wanted to make sure that he didn't work this guy
> and just copy down the call wrong.
> Rick N6RK
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> >
> > > Is this the way how topband DXing is done and should be
> > done???
> > >
> > > I think some people are fooled by thinking that the number
> > of QSLs they have
> > > from different DXCCs qualifies their efforts and not the
> > way how they have
> > > got them...
> >
> > Zoli,
> >
> > If everyone could sit and listen to both sides of many "new
> > countries" being worked, they would realize it really
> > doesn't matter about the cluster confirmations, schedules,
> > or thanks AFTER the QSO. One of the first WAZ's published on
> > 160 was with 18MHz contacts and dots put in between the 1
> > and 8. The guy never even had a good antenna.
> >
> > Sometime just after or just before the first trans-Atlantic
> > QSO the idea of actually copying an exchange and making a
> > 100% QSO based on what we actually hear and actually work
> > disappeared, so there is no reason for anyone to worry about
> > what anyone else does. Since what we all think is a QSO
> > greatly varies, it would be nice if we all just smile and
> > say congratulations to everyone for every contact they think
> > they made and every award they think they deserve.
> >
> > Many (or most) DXCC and WAZ totals would change
> > substantially if non-QSO's were removed and some of the top
> > scorers of DXCC on multiple bands actually never made many
> > of the QSO's they claim as 2-way QSO's, so I don't see how a
> > packet schedule or after the fact packet confirmation
> > matters in the least. It's all very silly to compare awards.
> >
> > I like to worry about more important things like the new
> > antenna technologies that allow shoe-boxes to hold the
> > contents of railroad cars, and not ruin other people's
> > enjoyment of what they enjoy doing.
> >
> > 73 Tom
> >
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