Topband: RX antennas

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Your friend is right about the coax loop vs. simple inverted vee.
Except, of course, the ability to get a null.
I agree with all the comments about the coax "magnetic" loop limitations but 
it can still be quite effective in allowing DX qso's especially from a noise 
compromised environment like a suburban neighborhood. I have Pennants and Flags 
here which work well and a magnetic loop - Ive worked VK6 with the mag loop 
and countless Euros when I could'nt hear them as well with the other low noise 
antennas on certain mornings or evenings.. I'd say the mag loop is effective 
this way less than 50% of the time but in a 160 unfriendly place I think one 
need several noise antennas - i.e. all the help you can get...  you'll hear 
nearly as well as JI but you'll hear none the less some stuff...

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