Topband: RX antennas

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Tue May 11 08:34:24 EDT 2004

> I could never find any correlation in England, but
> here I note that the dipole is usually better during
> periods of high geomagnetic activity, and I presume
> that high angles predominate at that time. It is not
> however often helpful that I can hear well when my
> transmit signals are being more or less totally
> absorbed!

I see the same effect here Roger but almost exclusively at
sunrise or sunset peak or when the band is very disturbed
with magnetic storms.
At the same time, the Beverages and phased verticals will
have almost no directivity.

I think what happens is the signal is arriving from multiple
directions or at very high angles, and the low angle
antennas simply become useless. It isn't so much that the
low dipole is doing anything special, as it is the other
antennas are not focused on the signal.

Again I'd emphasize the effect is rare here, not common.

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