Topband: All mode HF Transceiver in kit form - Project Omega - published in "Ham Radio Today" 1983

George Stewart (VK5ALS) ggstew at
Tue May 18 09:48:31 EDT 2004

Hi Topbanders,

Among the large readership of Topband I would imagine that there must be
one or two people who undertook the challenge of building the "Omega"
Transceiver. If such people do exist, I would be most interested in
comparing notes and in picking their brains about this project.

Those that decided to give the project a go will recognise what I am
referring to from the subject heading.

In 1983 Frank Ogden, (G4JST) and Tony Bailey, (G3WPO) published a series
of articles in the British magazine Ham Radio Today of an all mode HF
transceiver covering the WARC bands and in conjunction with the articles
sold modules of the kit with parts and circuit boards. It used a phase
locked loop VFO, had a ring diode mixer with no prior amplification and
they had done a lot of work on producing a noise blanker to chop out
impulse noise created by the Woodpecker.

I have had my kit running as a receiver. I now wish to finish it off at
least to the stage of being able to run it as a full break in
transceiver on CW. Unfortunately the company went broke before I had
finished and so I am on my own (apart from having the circuits)to find
suitable replacement parts for the logic sequencing and T/R switching.

Hoping there is someone who would be interested in swapping notes,


George, VK5ALS

E-mail: ggstew at

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