Topband: Binocular Cores

Robert Kavanagh ve3osz at
Tue Nov 2 17:08:43 EST 2004


In response to your question:

"Can someone give me the name of a supplier where I can obtain a small
quantity of the Fair-Rite cores which several of you are using for Beverage
matching transformers.  Part number is 2873000202.  Many of the larger parts
houses do not stock this in their Fair-Rite inventory, and a couple which do
have a minimum order or will sell only to businesses."

You might try Elna Magnetics in Woodstock, NY:

A few years ago I needed a small quantity (~4) of rather special Fair-Rite 
cores for experimental purposes. I asked them whether they would sell me 
such a small quantity. They sent them to me free, with their compliments !

I haven't checked to see whether they carry the specific core you want.



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