Topband: Close to earth Beverage.

k1fz k1fz at
Thu Nov 18 23:04:29 EST 2004

Thanks to all who sent information as to their close to earth/on earth antennas.
All said there was little affect from snow and ice on their particular antenna..
Some have experimented with height for best signal to noise which can vary with other factors.

I had seen information that Europeans were experimenting with low Beverages. I was thinking it was for cosmetic reasons. It is easy to tuck them into some
neat places like along stone walls or fence lines.

On 160 meters I saw a small loss of signal but a very large loss of QRN from the latest solar disturbance. 

Another thing that I liked was an even larger front to back on higher bands. By the time  I reached 10 meters I was seeing  about  40db on an stock inaccurate S-meter.   (No down lead from the Beverage to ground). A 8 foot high typical Beverage antenna would have a down lead close to  quarter wavelength on 10 meters.

Thanks again and I will make this my last on the thread.


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