Topband: 9N7BCC Update

Bill Tippett btippett at
Mon Nov 22 06:07:25 EST 2004

>Hi Bill,
>Nothing from US this morning, but we were spotted by W8JI and WE1USA. We had
>a good run
>of EUs in the morning and added about another 100 QSOs to 160 so the total
>is now 276.
>Last QSO this morning was G3PQA 0043z.
>Will try to be on 80 today by 11z. I have a feeling that the noise is lower
>during the night and especially
>high in the early evening due to cooking, heating and other family
>activities. This may prevent any QSOs on
>the long path. However, we put N7DD, W6RJ, N7UA, K6OY and N7JW in the log on
>the 19th.
>Since then nothing heard from US on 80. Yesterday I spent about 1 hour on 80
>resulting in 2 QSOs
>(9M2AX and JA6JPS).
>We look into the possibility to put up another RX antenna, but space is
>limited since we only have the
>two roofs and they are already filled with antennas. Maybe we can put up a
>short dipole which will also
>help us with reception on 15 and 40.
>So much from this end of the world. Please keep us informed.
>73 Ben, 9N7RAI

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