Topband: modified hy-tower help

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Mon Nov 29 15:46:57 EST 2004

What are you using for a counterpoise?  If elevated radials they will have
an affect.  Or you may have something else in the vicinity that is affecting
your resonant frequency.

I started with a base loaded Hytower on 160m but found a high voltage point
between the top of the tower and the stinger.  My 1500 watts blew a big hole
in the insulator.  I removed the stinger, replaced it with about 30 feet of
2" aluminum mast and added 4 wires for top loading.  I use 4 elevated
resonant radials and trimmed the top loading wires for resonance.  Works

de Paul, W8AEF

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Hello to all,I have modified a hy-tower to single band 160.In the top
section of the tower I have a loading coil made of nr12 solid copper wound
on a 2in form.The only way I could think of to wind the coil was bt cut and
try.OK,here's the problem.After some cutting and trying last weekend I got
her to abt 1780.OK,I am close..This weekend I removed abt a foot or so...Now
at 1760...I am at a loss as what to do.I have seen this on some mobile base
loads as far as taps.I do have a 259b if measurements would

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